Pitch Perfect?

Genny and Malcolm Mercer are moving to Breaker, Texas. They hope living in a small town will alleviate Genny’s insomnia and the dangerous hallucinations it causes. As they look for a house to buy, the Mercers check into Breaker’s only hotel, eat at the only café, and discover there is only one little girl in the whole town: their daughter.

Prentice Feyerbach has a good imagination and lots of time to spend dreaming up a life he doesn’t have. He arrives in Breaker with a gift for his imaginary fiancée, a suitcase full of new clothes, and a debilitating illness he wants to hide. Prentice is forced to choose between the safety of his pretend life or a deadly reality when he overhears plans to abduct the Mercers’ daughter.

Helena Makepeace is more than just a strange girl with a maimed face. She is also the human incarnation of the Goddess La Zalia. This gives Helena the power to heal, but not without a price to pay for using the Goddess powers for her own purposes.

As Summer Solstice nears, Breaker prepares for the ritual Treeletting ceremony to offer a new human vessel to La Zalia. The ritual will spill a mother’s blood, invoke a father’s lament, and ensure the continuation of ancient ways. Until then, carnivorous vines are growing out of control, the sacred orchard is dying of blight, and it isn’t safe after dark.


Mother Nature is Real

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I want to thank Ania Ahlborn for her suggestions on how to get past my mental block on writing this blurb.  She suggested that I read the product descriptions for books I like on Amazon and use those as a guide.  If you’re not familiar with Ania, check out her blog and read her debut novel SEED.

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