Stolen Climates Cover Reveal!

I have a crush on the cover for Stolen Climates. At the moment, I’m also crushing on Felicia Day, the Nissan Juke, and the ideas I have for my next novel. Still, it’s this cover that’s really turning my head.

Trust me when I say that we are all lucky my experiments with photo editing in GIMP resulted in nothing less than disaster. At one point, I managed to combine the world’s ugliest font with glaringly mismatched colors offset by a blurry picture of a tree. It was an assault on all things artistic. It was my first indication that I might – no, I definitely needed to hire someone with skill. I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew I didn’t want to be responsible for all the deaths that would have resulted from unleashing my “design” on the world.

I bounced on over to KindleBoards and started scrolling through the yellow pages. I clicked through several designers and landed on Streetlight Graphic’s site and saw that they did Lindsay Buroker’s covers. I dare anyone to tell me they aren’t impressed with Streetlight Graphic’s cover for Encrypted . It’s fantastic. It’s covet-worthy. It’s been on my list of Things I’m Crushing On for at least a few months. I held my breath and emailed Streetlight Graphics to see if they would maybe, possibly, hopefully have time and inclination to do my cover. And… they did!

Not only is the cover beautiful, but designer Glendon S. Haddix is amazingly supportive. Through the many design cycles, he remained quick to respond, encouraging, and patient. Glendon reminded me that I should never feel awkward about speaking up for what is best for my book. After all, isn’t the point of going indie that you, the author, get to decide what happens with the editing, the cover, the layout? If you don’t speak up for yourself, you’re cheating the book and your future readers.

Crushing on Stolen Climates? Get your hands on it starting 02.2012! Amazon, B&N, Smashwords!

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