Stolen Climates: Book Trailer!

The actress is my sister, Erika. She was willing to volunteer her time, her home, and her patience to make the trailer. When our first attempt was ruined by a technical difficulty, she happily volunteered yet another Saturday night. There were eighty-two takes before we could stop laughing enough to record the first line. Someday, I will put together a blooper reel. It’ll make you smile.

Mother Nature isn’t just a metaphor.  Stolen Climates – online starting 02.2012!


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6 thoughts on “Stolen Climates: Book Trailer!

  1. Oh my goodness, that is fabulous!!!! Erika does a really good job!!! I had chill bumps on my arms watching the video. Just great!!! Just wonderful, and can hardly wait to read the book!!!!


  2. Scary is not a strong enough word to descibe this trailer, nor “Stolen Climates,” which I read in draft. Stolen Climates comes across as so very real even as it lives in a surreal world…a MUST raed!


  3. Looks great! Can’t wait to read it when it comes out 🙂

    Have to admit, I had a small fit of giggles right at the end with the whole ‘if you plan of going outside, bring an axe!’ part. It sounds deliciously melodramatic and horrortastic. Loved it.

    Also, bring on the blooper reel. I can’t imagine anything harder than trying to act scary and terrified after 82 takes of laughing.

    Also, (because I was slack and didn’t comment on your previous post) I love Love LOVE the cover for Stolen Climate. Sends chills down my spine (but in a good way)


    • Meg! Great to see you over here and wonderful to know that you enjoyed the trailer and love the cover! As far as the ‘bring an axe’ part goes, I couldn’t help myself. The campy, cheesy tradition of homemade horror movies was just too much a siren call for me to resist. And, as you saw, I did not resist!

      Hope you’re doing well!



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