Stolen Climates: Go!

Stolen Climates ~ Available Now!

Stolen Climates is chock full of horrific goodies: carnivorous vines, human sacrifice, small-town secrets, and plenty of reasons to shut your windows, draw your shades, and hope for some good weather. Where else can you get a story about an ax-toting mom, a renegade goddess, and a girl who hears what the trees are saying? All that and an excellent recipe for breakfast tacos, Breaker Texas style!

Stolen Climates is an Amazon exclusive. For only $2.99, you’ll get the scares, the gross outs, the truth about climate change, and a free trip to the orchard for the infamous Treeletting Ceremony! Amazon Prime members read free!

Mother Nature isn’t just a metaphor.

Click here for the official description and preview trailer.

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14 thoughts on “Stolen Climates: Go!

    • Thanks, James! My sister was the actress, and she did an amazing job. I added in the ‘sound track.’ I can’t tell you how happy I was when I finished editing the trailer – those human sacrifice screams get really old after hearing them for hours on end!


    • No one was more surprised than me when it was discovered the vines were carnivorous. My fear was it would be too much like the plants in The Ruins, so I held off reading that book for over a year, just to make sure I didn’t lift anything. The plants in The Ruins were grosser and not at all like mine, so that was a relief!


  1. Yahoo! Congratulations. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    And a recipe for tacos, to boot? Even better.

    Now let the fun (and the frustration, and then fun, and then hair pulling, then excitement, then teeth gnashing, then fun again) of being officially published begin 🙂

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog


    • Paul, thanks! It is a strange thing to be published. I think there’s a Wilco song along the lines of creative endeavors and that once you’ve made them public, ‘what was once yours now belongs to everyone’ or something similar. It’s weird, but I’m at peace with it – mostly.



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