Welcome, Coffin Hoppers!


welcome to the happy horror writer's Coffin Hop stop!

Help yourself  – the keg’s full of ice cold Oktoberfest cheer. There’s candy corn, multicolored popcorn balls, assorted cheeses, and crisp apples. Feel free to explore the yard and relax near the chiminea. If you feel adventurous, take a short walk across the way to the empty field where there’s a cold spot that is always chilly, even in the brutal Texas summer. If you stand there long enough, you will hear either the owl or the other thing. If you hear the owl, you are in good company. If you hear something else –  run!

No Halloween party is complete without door prizes, and the Coffin Hop is a week long party! To participate, all you have to do is be a registered member of the Coffin Hop. To win, all you need is a little luck or the help of spirits conjured over candlelight and cauldron.

Prizes ( Ranked by Scream )

The Haunted House Group Scream:

Leave a comment with the phrase “Mother Nature isn’t just a metaphor,” and I will give you Stolen Climates, my horror ebook.

The Bloodcurdling Scream:

Ten commenters will get a signed Stolen Climates postcard.

The Strangled Scream:

Five commenters will win a signed Stolen Climates poster.

The  Pleasant Surprise Scream:

One commenter will win a  delectably twisted set of dark fiction ebooks by #TESSpecFic  authors, including:

The Imaginings, by Paul D. Dail

Valknut: The Binding, by Marie Loughin

Corridors of the Dead, by Jonathan D. Allen

100 Unfortunate Days, by Penelope Crowe

Stolen Climates, by Aniko Carmean

The ‘I Won The Grand Prize!’ Scream:

One person will receive a Stolen Climates themed goody pack! This includes:

Gauss Hotel’s Award Winning Waffle Mix (just add sytra!)
Helena’s Cosmos Seeds
Margot’s Hand – It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!
A (previously enjoyed!) paperback of The Haunting of Hill House
A signed Stolen Climates poster

Come back and comment often! Multiple comments mean multiple chances to win. And you know you want a prize to go with that fine beer buzz and the thrill of walking out into the haunted field!


-aniko, the happy horror writer

Mother Nature isn't just a metaphor!

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24 thoughts on “Welcome, Coffin Hoppers!

  1. Aniko!
    You are my first hop visit and I love what you wrote!
    Yours is one book I am looking forward to reading–all I need is a LITTLE time!
    By the way–nothing to do with the hop–but I used part of your review on the back of my book cover for 100 Days–probably out this week. thanks again! Happy hopping!!


  2. Enjoy the Coffin Hop, Aniko! It sounds like great fun – I wish I had the time for things like this, but at the moment it’s all I can do to set aside five minutes for making comments like this one!

    Happy Halloween!


  3. OOh…love this Halloween party Aniko 🙂
    Great contest!
    I especially love the “Prizes ranked by scream” system – pure genius 😉
    I definitely agree…Mother nature isn’t just a metaphor…like every woman she reserves the right to insanity!


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  5. Great stuff. I need to remember NOT to be alone in my house while visiting all the wonderful horror writers in the Coffin Hop! LOL MOTHER NATURE ISN’T JUST A METAPHOR


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      • Anne, hi! If the email you provided when you left this comment is not a good way to contact you, then, yes, I’ll need another email address. I’m going to wait until the end of the hop to gather up all of the prize recipients, and I’ll email you a Smashwords coupon (or a link to a Dropbox download, not sure which yet…) so that you can get your copy of the book.

        I’m going to go and visit your blog now! 🙂

        Happy Hopping!




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