Dreams, Hauntings

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The Coffin Hop party here at the happy horror writer’s is in full swing. A group of people are bobbing for apples, and the costume contest is about to start. Let me put another log in the chiminea, and then I’ll tell you a story. A scary story. No Halloween party is complete without one, right?


My sister and I have a long, shared history of supernatural experiences. The most recent one happened earlier this year. We had a girl’s night out, just the two of us. When we came back to my place it was later than we intended, and still we stayed up talking. When we finally went to sleep it was after two AM. She took my little Yorkie into her room, and I put my phone on the charger in the kitchen, washed my face, and tumbled into bed.

I fell into a dark dream. In it, I woke up in my bed. Outside the house, there was what sounded like an eighteen-wheeler idling, followed by the terrible clattering, slamming noise. Someone was trying to get into the house! My sister ran into my room. I could see her silhouette in the door way, back lit by the lava lamp in the living room.

“Someone’s trying to get in,” she said.

I woke up then, for real. Loud clattering noises came from the front of the house. My sister appeared in the doorway.

“Someone’s breaking through the window in my room,” she said.

Together we walked across the house to the guest room where my sister was sleeping. We flicked on the overhead light and gasped. My cell phone – which I left on the charger in the kitchen – was scattered across the room! Battery, backing, rest of the phone – all in separate pieces. Worse though, was the window.

The metal blinds were twisted and tangled. It looked like something huge had fought its way through the blinds, bending and twisting every slat in the struggle. It was mangled, but the window behind it was locked, closed, intact.

My sister told me that what what woke her, even before the blinds went all poltergeist, was my little Yorkie.

“He was crying,” she said. “I’ve never  heard anything sound so terrified in my life.

Well, that costume party is starting! Oh, come on! A little ghost story didn’t scare you, did it?

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19 thoughts on “Dreams, Hauntings

    • It is more common for me to have these things happen than not; you can check out the comment from my dad in this comment stream, because he witness some of the stuff from my High School years.

      Thanks for visiting, Jonathan! It is always awesome to see you. And happy Coffin Hopping!


    • Plenty of weird things happened right after we bought the house. The strange thing is, this is not a cool old place – it’s circa alllll the way back to 1985. 85! And yet we had “problems” with lights coming on during the day while we were away at work, pictures being pulled off of the walls whenever we rearranged, and banging on one wall after we had guests to visit. The hauntings calmed down after the first year, and the incident I describe in this post occurred in the Summer of this year. It was the first in a long time, and also the most physical of the events.

      Thanks for stopping by & I’ll be visiting your blog soon!

      Happy Hopping!



    • It literally lifted the hairs on the back of my neck. At the time I thought, “Great. That’s a detail I could never use when including this in a story. Too cliche!” I think my inner editor is pretty tough, to be making comments during a haunting!



  1. I’m Aniko’s Dad, retired US Army Colonel, Nick Szasz.

    We lived in Belgium for two tours of my military service, a total of six years in Belgium, all with young family present. The two tours there were from 1992 to 1995 and 1997 to 2000. Aniko was born in 1977. You can compute her age for the two tours.

    Our first house there was estimated to be 300 years old.

    On the first tour there we saw, heard, and felt some unusual things, for example:

    * Blood on the kitchen counter in the morning, no reason.

    * Our cat ‘flying’ up the steep staircase to the girls’ bedrooms on Day One in the 300-year old house

    * The sound of laughter and card-shuffling coming from the attic atop the ancient home. Many WW I soldiers died in intimate proximaty to our home in Thieusies, Belgium.

    * Our non-automatic coffee-maker came on regularly in the middle of the night.

    *Figurines in the window sills would regularly rotate 180 degrees overnight to face out the window.

    * Curtains ruffled on calm evenings, the old chandillier rattled.

    * A Catholic church was directly (10 yards away) across the street from us. There were about two or three funerals there every week.

    * I won’t go on…..

    On the second tour (1997-200) in Belgium we lived in a small town about 20 miles or so from the first one. The paranormal stuff was cut to nothing more than an occassional light on/off/flicker…nothing at all, really.

    There’s more, but I don’t want to sound too crazy.

    I believe.

    Nick Szasz


    • Thieusies. The memories, the horror! I suspect spending three intense years in a very, very haunted house has a lot to do with why I appreciate horror. There’s a rush associated with encountering the unexplained. It’s scary, yes, but it is also visceral and fascinating and larger than the mundane of routine.

      Thanks for stopping by, Poppy!

      Love you!



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  3. I wonder if there are ever spirits or ghosts that feel bad after breaking something and then try to replace it…what if you woke up one morning with a whole new cell phone?
    This story is so creepy, you are very good at what you do!


    • Thank you for the compliment!

      I don’t know if the ghosts have hindsight, but if they do, I imagine it is a terrible burden. They would have the weight of their entire human existence, plus some untold eternity of acts to regret. Perhaps that is why some manifest as bursts of kind of negative or destructive energy?

      If the ghost does want to leave me a new phone, I hear those iPhones are nice…. 😉


  4. OOh…now this is a ghostly story.
    Don’t even get me started on ghostly happenings – a friend once joked that she thought ghosts followed me around.
    This must have been truly scary….mmh a ghostly trucker out for revenge…


    • I bet you and I could “scare up” some good fun! 🙂 I have a string of supernatural experiences. I used to wonder if I was just simply crazy, but now I just accept that crazy or not, my reality is a bit spookier than most.

      It was scary, but memorable!



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