Happy Halloween!

Welcome, Coffin Hoppers! 

Prizes! Ghost! Spooky! Another ghost! Gross! Dark Spirit!

Quick Win: Leave a comment with the phrase “Mother Nature is not just a metaphor” to win Stolen Climates!

Today is the crowning wonder of the year for horror aficionados. It is also the last day of the 2012 Coffin Hop. I’ve enjoyed the variety and inventiveness of your posts, and hope you had a good time at my party!

Until 11:59 PM PST tonight, you can still enter to win several prizes, including the Grand Prize!

Grand Prize Scream!

Stolen Climates inspired goodies!!

One lucky, lucky reader is going to get a pack of fiction by The Emissaries of Strange, authors of Speculative Fiction.

How do you enter? By leaving a comment. I’ll post the winners here on Sunday, November 4th.

Happy Hopping!



25 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Right before Sandy happened, I cut a character named “Sandy” out of one of my short stories.
    Quite a few months ago, I wrote a story about a garden in the woods behind my apartment..and I neglected it for a couple of months, and then the woods started getting chopped down for construction and I wondered if it was because I had neglected the story.
    I think my mind is too imaginative for its own good and that I need to write a story about writing stories! 🙂


      • I love Kerby Lane! It is one of my favorite, favorite places to sit and talk with friends. Pancakes the size of, well, Texas!!! And lots of vegetarian-friendly options (I was veggie when I first moved here, so they had me at “meatless”). I love the atmosphere of the original Kerby Lane, too – all those little rooms in that cute little house!



      • I never went to the original I don’t think..I went in once when it was on Lamar & Oltorf sorta (but only got coffee so I didn’t see any rooms; the outside was so cute though!), and now it’s moved up a few blocks closer to me and I got their delicious veggie breakfast once; it was very good! 🙂


    • I see coincidences like that, too, parallels between the choices I make in my writing and what happens in reality. Several people pointed out that my prize phrase was kind of creepy after Sandy made landfall… and I agree! Stolen Climates makes a few mentions of bad weather, mostly because it is important to the general theme – but every time I did, I’d hear something about the same kind of freak bad weather happening somewhere. I am sure that the weather was coming anyways… Right?

      To summarize my rambling: I get what you mean about the sense that our stories have power and that power can sometimes seem to (or really does?) leak out into the world.

      And no matter what, I’d say, yes – write a story about writing a story and focus some of those thoughts on me to help me finish my novel, please! 🙂



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