And the Winners Are…

we hopped 'til we dropped!

Coffin Hop 2012, like all good parties, has left us with new friends and good memories. I enjoyed the variety and inventiveness of your Hop posts, and I was thrilled with the comments left here on my blog. I’m sure we’ll bump into one another again sometime, and then we’ll smile and say, “Remember when?”




Prizes were drawn by writing each commenter’s name on a slip of paper and putting it in a lovely felt basket with an owl applique. People who commented more than once got an additional entry for each comment. Once a slip of paper was drawn from the lovely felt basket with the owl applique (and green LED eyes!!), that paper was not put back for further drawings.

Haunted House Group Scream Winners

( Receive a copy of Stolen Climates )

Penelope Crowe

Erik Gustafson

Kim Koning

Carrie Crain

Milo James Fowler

Ann Michaud

Jennifer Stuart

James Garcia, Jr

Jolie du Pre

Jeanette Jackson

Jason Darrick


Nina D’Arcangela

Joseph Pinto

Laura Thomas

The Blood-Curdling Scream Winners 

( Receive a signed Stolen Climates Postcard )

Carrie Crain

Erik Gustafson

Inion N. Mathair

Jason Darrick

Blaze McRob


Nina D’Arcangela

Joseph Pinto


Anne Michaud

The Strangled Scream Winners

( Receive a Signed Stolen Climates Poster )

Nina D’Arcangela

Blaze McRob

The Pleasant Surprise Scream Winner

( Receives a bundle of fiction by The Emissaries of Strange )

Erik Gustafson!!!

The Grand Prize Scream Winner

( Receives the Stolen Climates themed goodies + the felt owl basket )

Kim Koning, come on down!!!

Congratulations on winning my Grand Prize! I hope you enjoy the waffle mix from Kerby Lane, which is a 24-hr diner in Austin that’s amazing. You could eat waffles and read The Haunting of Hill House, of which I’m sending you a physical copy. I’m also including a packet of cosmos seeds to grow in your garden, a signed Stolen Climates poster, and a severed hand!

All packed in a lovely felt basket with an owl applique!

Kim's Grand Prize

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11 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. WooHoo! This is just Hauntilicious and Scream-a-delicious! Thanks Aniko! Wow! C-A-N-N-O-T wait to tuck into these scrumptious prizes! Lol…can just imagine now what NZ customs will say about severed hand 😀


    • “Hauntilicious and Scream-a-delicious” is probably the phrase in a comment that has made me smile the most, ever! 🙂 I’m glad you’re pleased! And, yes, I think customs is going to wonder about Kim, who looks so sweet, but receives severed hands in the mail!

      Congratulations on winning!



  2. I love that you chose your winners that way. That’s how I did it last year, except I wasn’t nearly so fancy. All slips of paper went into a plastic Ziploc bag. Not sure why I didn’t chose a bowl or something.

    But none of this feeding of random generated numbers into a master computer somewhere. No, siree.


    – Paul


    • Don’t knock the Ziploc, man! I can’t store a sandwich in the owl-appliqued felt bucket, but you could have a wonderful carving-board delight on thick, toasty slices of fresh bread in that Ziploc. Wow, I’m hungry for breakfast!!

      I had such fun picking the names! And the owl has green LED eyes, staring right into the truth of my winners! It was cosmic, but there were no sandwiches…



  3. Very creative way to choose winners. I usually use a big candy jar I have. Maybe I should shop around and find something special just for giveaways!
    Thanks so much. I look forward to a scary read and can’t wait to display the postcard!



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