Reviews and Interviews

Reviews of Stolen Climates

Strange Amusements, 04.14.12

While there is some connection to traditional tales of ritual sacrifice, much of what unfolds is a unique hybrid of family drama, pagan horror, and other influences that combine for one of the most interesting and effective horror novels I have read in a long time.

Shaggin’ the Muse, 04.23.12

This book also does not pull its punches whatsoever, and I love it for that.

FearDex, 04.28.12

If you enjoy supernatural horror, then certainly check this book out!

Interviews & Other Extras

Indie Horror Spotlight Interview, 05.15.12

Marie Loughin Talks Myth with Me, 05.23.12

If you take your fiction dark with no sugar, I highly recommend Aniko Carmean’s Stolen Climates.

“Horror: the Peculiar Pleasures of Being Scared”, 2013

In her contribution piece for the Edinburgh Ebook Festival 2013, Mari Biella discusses Stolen Climates along with several other self-published horror novels.

Blaze McRob Chooses Me As a Woman in Horror,  05.03.14


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