She pitches and… scores?

light, tunnel?

I have been working on my novel pitch. I expect to use the pitch for my back cover material and as the ‘product description’ for online vendors. This is important, especially at the outset and before there are many reviews, because the cover and the pitch are the two pieces of information that will be available to help readers decide if they want to read STOLEN CLIMATES. You all have been helpful in giving me suggestions, but I would like to acknowledge Meg, Paul and Nick for their specific contributions. I think I have something that incorporates all of the good bits from the 5-sentence pitches and cuts out the wordiness of my initial attempt. Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think! Without further ado or any more of my agonizing, here is the revised pitch:

Genny thought her hallucinations were from lack of sleep. Then her daughter started hearing the trees talking, too. Now they are being hunted by a cult who wants to use them in a deadly ritual to ensure the continuation of ancient ways. Their only hope of escape is a single ax and an acquaintance with his own set of debilitating issues. As Summer Solstice nears, carnivorous vines grow out of control, the sacred orchard dies of blight, and it isn’t safe after dark.

Mother Nature isn’t just a metaphor.

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