Last Friday of 2011

Today I will go to work. If this past month has been indicative, some truly absurd events will transpire. It takes effort to remain positive, but over time I’ve heard it’ll prevent that whole stress-induced-death-syndrome that afflicts many of my ilk.

There is something to be said for reminding yourself that the people around you are humans with feelings: no one is just an accountant or just a boss or just a developer. Snapping doesn’t help. A calm demeanor and smile does.

If it is true that how we end one year is how we will live the next one, I want to be sincere and happy today. I want to be the best version of myself, not the one that flips people off in the parking garage and growls at someone who is just trying to do her (albeit annoying to me) job. I want to be the girl at the office who makes you smile, even when the whole project has gone red and the klaxons are blaring.

I’ll report back on my progress. If you’re a writer with a day job, do you have any special plans on how to approach this, the last Friday of 2011? If you’re a day-jobber who wants to be a writer, wouldn’t today be a good day to start that story?


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