A Hop, Series and a Jump


I’m going to participate in a Halloween blog hop hosted by suspense author Jeremy Bates!

I am new to blogging. I have been a casual reader of a few blogs over the years, and a dedicated reader of one particular blog, but it turns out this was not sufficient to prepare me for the pitfalls of being a new blogger. In particular, I was not clear on the correct way to run a blog series. I made novice mistakes with the first two posts in my How to Complete a Novel series. The first is that I used the same title for both posts. I mistakenly thought that indicating the ‘Part’ in the main blog post would make it clear what I was doing. The second is that I did not give a particular tag to mark the posts. I am have fixed both mistakes. The series tag is “How to Complete a Novel.” Thanks for you patience!

If you want to check out an excellent series of Halloween, fear-inspired posts, visit Nova and her guests by jumping over to Distraction99.


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