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I am Aniko, author of the forthcoming novel, STOLEN CLIMATES.

I never planned to write a novel.

In fact,  I was thirty pages into a writing exercise when I finally admitted I’d stumbled upon something much, much bigger than a short story.  Imagine :  It was a cold day,  and I was crossing a frozen field.    I tripped over something,  and my thirty pages flung  out into the cold like fibrous snowflakes from an unnatural paper mill of a thunderhead.   As I gathered the pages,  I discovered that the something was really part of a humongous, mostly buried skeleton.  A skeleton that I, all by myself, was responsible for unearthing and  reassembling.  A skeleton upon which I was the one who was to hang meaning.  How fortunate that I had my coat, a pickax, and an endless supply of coffee!

STOLEN CLIMATES is my first novel.  It took me two years of pre-dawn writing to complete.   I hacked that skeleton out of the ice, pulled that mammoth of a find into the light, but it is not mine.

It is yours.

That is part of the reason for this blog: to let you know the story is ready to unsettle you, ready to gross you out, ready to make you wonder.   I have decided that I will not be taking the traditional publication route.   This doesn’t mean I intend to release a shitty simulacrum of a ‘real’ novel.   I owe it to the story and her readers to produce a quality book.   As I make my maiden voyage as an indie publisher,  I will report back here.   I appreciate any feedback you have, so please leave comments.   If comments aren’t your thing,  you can send coffee; I take mine with honey and whole milk.

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