Silly Candid Video

The office is closed for Good Friday. A crazed dictator has my city on his hit list. I’d say there’s no better time to upload an old video I found in the dust of my camera’s SD card.

It is circa early 2012, and I am wearing my thrift-store find, grandpa style writing sweater. I am in my sun room, by the desk where all of my stories are born. Mr. Aniko is the off-camera voice.

“It’s possible to be emotive without being twitchy!”


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8 thoughts on “Silly Candid Video

  1. Love it! I suffer from a nasty case of twitchiness too, which has been aggravated by living in Italy, where gesturing is an essential part of all conversational endeavours. I also suffer from camera-shyness and stage fright, which is why I have never, and never will, make videos featuring myself. ‘This is me not being me’ would, I think, be my comment on the process, too. Having said that, I have to say I think you come across very well here!


    • I used to hate cameras, and judging by the preponderance of unflattering photos of me, I think that the feeling was mutual! I thought I’d do better with moving images, mostly because I thought there might be some chance that a video could capture whatever it is about me that makes people like me or want to speak to me. I don’t know that it worked out that well, but even trying a few short (and abortive!) video posts gave me huge respect for actors.

      I am really starting to think that twitchiness is a basic requirement to be a good writer, though!

      Twitch on, friend, and be lively about it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi “twitchy” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Totally understand your twitchiness. Like Mari, I am a gesturer rather than a talker. I always talk with my hands. It makes words so much more interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW – love your writing space! Love all the windows!
    You are much braver than me going on video camera like that. Well done! I applaud your fierce bravery! xx


    • It was less about bravery than silliness! ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought people would get a giggle out of that footage, and it’s old enough I don’t feel self-conscious. As for the writing space, I love it too, although in the extremes of Winter and Summer, it can get uncomfortable because it is not climate controlled.

      If you’re ever in town, I’ll set up a second desk, and we can have a writing jam session in here!





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